All you need is love (and "moules")

Maison Morisseau, a family affair at heart…

A history built over time with our employees and partners. The heritage of an expertise and "savoir-faire" that has been passed on over three generations. We may have planted roots, but we’re always working to constantly progress. We’re a wonderful, enthusiastic team of passionate people, always looking to take on new challenges and constantly improve.

Anyway, are the mussels ready yet?


Both on land and at sea, our team work all year round to offer you the best mussels.
Farmed, harvested, purified, stripped and sorted, we prepare the bouchot with expert hands and a passion for our work.

La Bouchot Selection, La Morisseau®️, La Bouchot de l’Équipage®️, The PDO, and the Inter-season. Shall we introduce you?