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Our mussels

Exceptional quality… all year round?

The bouchot is truly the heart of Maison Morisseau, but that’s not all…
Delighting you with exceptional products is the priority pushing Maison Morisseau forward.
The mussels that we produce or that we select for you may come from watersheds, but they’re all worked with the same passion, and the same level of care.

Flavor, texture, color, and size . They all have their own particularities and unique character. So, take your pick. If you need a little guidance in making your choice, we’re always more than happy to help!


May to February…

No matter the season, you're sure to find the bouchot for you!
May to February
The Bouchot selection
The first to arrive at the party!
June to December
The Morisseau
The legendary…
June to October
La Bouchot de "L'Équipage"
A great encounter
July to February
The PDO of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay
The one and only

When do the mussels go on holiday?

Not to worry… We've got the perfect solution to keep your tastebuds delighted!
January to May
Between season
Why do we stop eating mussels in winter?