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Our "Maison"


… And mussel farming is one of them. After all, this is what our family has been doing for many, many years now, with expertise and "savoir-faire" passed down over multiple generations, which is pretty important — both for us and for our produce. We work with an undeniable passion and high standards, to ensure that we deliver the best qualities for our customers’ market stalls, dishes, bowls, stewpots… You get the idea. We’re constantly striving to stand out from the crowds, and our customers know that, by working with us, they’re getting a product that they won’t find anywhere else.


Maison Morisseau: A family affair…

And one big, happy family at that! United around a captain, as a teenager, Stéphane would help his grandfather to cultivate his mussels in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. Ever since, the family has continued to grow, but the name of our "maison" has stayed the same, remaining faithful in our traditions, paying tribute to our history. Our heart beats to the rythm of our values  and that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a joy for us to wake up in the morning and go to work (we know, we’re very privileged to be able to say that!).

We’re always brimming with ideas and new projects. So, yes, our "maison" is growing and adapting to new structures, but we’ll never lose sight of what makes us who we are: Simplicity, community, and loyalty.

Olivier Daniel
Director of the Trade and Packaging Division
"Whether you are our customers or our partners, our “Maison” wants to make sure we deliver nothing but the best. You can count on us to do everything we can to provide you with the BEST quality. I'm part of a team that works constantly to guarantee your satisfaction and to uphold our values."

And shared values… "

And shared values…


We’re driven by a desire to produce reliable and conscientious work.

Each member of our team is invested in a quest to set new, higher, and more demanding standards (a bit like in the army, but friendlier).
We train up young talents so that they can thrive in their daily work and we invest in a high-performance working environment. We do everything we can to promote the collective and individual success of our employees.

It’s a unique rhythm: Boat, Bouchot, Sleep, repeat.

Oh, yes!

Our commitment

Within our Maison, every single member of the team plays an active role in building our future. Everyone is responsibility at their own level and contributes to decision-making.

We’re a committed and passionate team with our sights set firmly on a bright future.
Our mantra? Producing consistently high-quality results, creating strong bonds and engagement with every member of our team.


So, what do you think, do you think we work with a smile and good vibes?

Always listening

We all share a desire to constantly learn, and to constantly progress.

Opening up and sharing with one other, so that we can deliver only the best to our customers. We seek out exchanges and solutions.

Our mission is sincere, with no frills or fuss. When interacting with our clients, we speak from the heart, sharing our passions.

Team spirit

We’re a close-knit collective, here to support and celebrate one another.

Within our company, we definetely believe in the “all for one and one for all” spirit. We’re more than just colleagues, we’re a family, working together in an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere. It’s the combination of the talents and qualifications of each team member that makes us, and what we do, so special.
Our door is always open, so what are you waiting for? Come and pay us a visit!